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SPACEFISH IS: a 24 year old dude. Likes tortoises, fish, fish in space, being a nerd, gardening, tea and sweet food. Lives with his partner in crime D on Canada's prairies, but his home is Vancouver where there are whales sometimes. He's an environmental engineering student and very socially awkward.

A box of push pins broke open in my backpack. Handing in assignments just became 1000* more dangerous.
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I found out his speech is from Rocky

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He looks so sad before he puts it on and then he looks so happy. Truly this is how he is meant to be. Maybe it is how we are all meant to be.

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When the beat drops


When the beat drops


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Anyone know what guys like this are called? “90s bullies”? I want to be one for Halloween

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My contribution to pi day.
Not bad for my first meringue.

My contribution to pi day.
Not bad for my first meringue.

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Redemption has never tasted so sweet (or tangy or meringue-y).

Read more: How to Make the Perfect Lemon Meringue Pie on Food52.

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